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Adv. Radio Sci., 2, 27-32, 2004
© Author(s) 2004. This work is licensed under
the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.
27 May 2005
A novel quasi-peak-detector for time-domain EMI-measurements
F. Krug, S. Braun, and P. Russer Institute for High-Frequency Engineering, Technische Universität München, Arcisstrasse 21, 80333 Munich, Germany
Abstract. In this paper, an advanced ultra-fast, broadband time domain EMI measurement system is described. Measurements were performed in the 30–1000MHz range. The digital signal processing of EMI measurements allows to emulate in real-time the modes of conventional analogous equipment, e.g. Peak-, Average-, RMS- and Quasi-Peak- Detector. With the presented time domain measurement system the measurement time can be reduced by a factor of 10. A novel signal recording routine for time-domain EMI (TDEMI) measurements and Quasi-Peak-Detection is described. Measurement results obtained from the investigation of a drillmachine, monitor and laptop obtained with the timedomain electromagnetic interference (TDEMI) measurement system are discussed. The results obtained with the described system have been compared with measurements performed with a conventional EMI receiver.

Citation: Krug, F., Braun, S., and Russer, P.: A novel quasi-peak-detector for time-domain EMI-measurements, Adv. Radio Sci., 2, 27-32,, 2004.
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